178: Skeever Killed My Friends!

goe 178 wide.png

This week, due to the direct vile actions of the one known as 'Skeever' everyone but Derek and Jesse drowned in a shipwreck. 

It was midnight when captain Corley of the the USS Burlyboi saw the Oil tanker off the starboard bow. The ship was running dark. Later investigations would find the tanker filled to the brim with the remains of a Krill superstructure hive mind.
These Krill had, many years ago, discovered the rusted derelict known as the HMS Krimbo, a tanker built in 1896 to transport gold from the Florida Keys back to Downing Street. It went missing in 1904 without a trace. Apparently a consciousness of millions of Krill was formed in that barnacle crusted hull, one that had a consciousness not at all dissimilar to a humans. 

Skeever, an old man from Melbourne was lead navigator on the Burlyboi. He intentionally charted a collision course directly towards the Krimbo, with the morbid hope of snuffing out any intelligence that may have formed in that ships briny hull...

Also we talk a lot about Dauntless, and Jesse is going Fishing!


Thanks to Kyle Landstra for the intro/outro music

Derek Thompson