Games on Earth 87: Whats your Fursona?

Sit on your invisible tails and perk up those dragon ears, because in this week's Games on Earth, the guys return and dive deep into their fursonas as they talk about their recent gaming adventures. Wolfboy McDerekson has been slaying rats in Vermintide (you know, like wolves do) and Jesse Goatman has been skulking around very confidently as a sniper in PUBG (you know, like bears do). Foxyboy Dancypants Conlon then tells us about how he's been stepping to the beat in Crypt of the Necrodancer before Rats Bitcheno gives us the inside scoop on HUD-less Dishonored. They wrap the podcast up like extradimensional spaghetti around a timeless fork with some Beyond Skyrim: Bruma talk and a revisiting of Hyper Light Drifter.

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Intro/Outro Music: Trailing Luminosity by Kyle Landstra (

Derek Thompson