Games on Earth 64: Jesse has lifted the curse!

We're still testing our new recording setup, but this episode may have the best audio of any show we've ever done! We start things off by finally discussing the oft-suggested game Pogs! Then Derek tells the gang dark war stories from Total War: Warhammer. Derek continues by talking about his time in New Bordeaux in Mafia 3.

After the break, Chris is adjusting to the life of a modern gamesman after just building a new computer and receiving an unexpected PS4. With all of this potential for new game experiences, he has devoted himself to perfecting... Skyrim. 

Jesse has finally lifted the curse! Although he's somehow managed to trap himself in an equally run-down prison of the mind in Resident Evil 7.

Finally, Brad finishes off the episode by describing the art-as-a-game-walking-simulator Proteus.

Everyone should go play Total War: Warhammer

Thanks for listening!


Intro/outro music: Trailing Luminosity by Kyle Landstra (

Derek Thompson