Games on Earth 62: Nothing Butt Rock

To Whom It May Concern,

This week we discuss the following games: Ticket to Ride, Astroneer, FTL: Faster than Light, and Xenoblade Chronicles X. I am really disappointed in Xenoblade Chronicles X. What the hell happened? Xenoblade Chronicles was so good. How could they ruin such a great thing? I sure do hope Xenoblade 2 makes up for this feeling of deep disappointment I have. This is Derek by the way. I'm here writing the episode synopsis text and I just can't stop thinking about how bad the music is in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Go listen to the Guar Plain theme from Xenoblade Chronicles it's amazing! Maybe I just need to keep playing. I don't know...

Well anyway, enjoy this episode. We talk about a lot more than just how utterly disappointing Xenoblade Chronicles X is... but does that even matter?

Derek Thompson

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Intro/outro music: Trailing Luminosity by Kyle Landstra (

Derek Thompson