Games on Earth 45: Welcome to the Jungle...

This week's episode of Games on Earth is packed to the brim with gamey goodness! Jesse talks about the end of his journey in Starbound and his new beginnings in Terraria, as well as his newfound profession as a Galaxy Trucker. Chris then tells us about his Buddhistic journeys as a jumping statue in Mandagon and somehow, defying all expectations, manages to talk about Rocket League on the podcast again. King Derek enters his court and tells us of his years as a monarch in Reigns, along with a bit more Legion talk. After that, things get terrafloppy as we discuss the upcoming Playstation Pro. Finally, just when we think things are wrapping up, Tony escapes from his midnight vault to regale us with tales of the Bioshock Collection.

If your head doesn't explode from all of that, we're glad you made it.

Thanks for listening!

Intro/outro music: Trailing Luminosity by Kyle Landstra (


Derek Thompson