Games on Earth Episode 10

Episode 10 of Games on Earth was filmed in front of a live studio audience.

On this episode Brad grills us on our gaming know-how, Derek goes to war in Wolfenstein: The New Order, and Chris has to Dig or Die! So please join us as we enter the DOUBLE DIGITS! 


Super GameTime Hour: Sixteen Part 1 - 2:06

Wolfenstein the New Order - 10:58

Super GameTime Hour: Sixteen Part 2 - 27:45

Dig or Die - 34:00

Super GameTime Hour: Sixteen Part 3 - 48:19

Wrap Up - 51:14

DISCLAIMER: Anything said about Jesse Brown is in total and complete jest. Jesse is a valued member of our team and a loyal patriot of this great country. God bless America and God bless Jesse Brown.

Intro/outro music: Trailing Luminosity by Kyle Landstra (

Break music by The Nite Owls (

Art by Kim Nguyen (



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