Rumble League: Rocket League Goes to Battle

Rumble League

By: Chris Conlon

As the Rocket League Championship Finals wrapped up, the world received news of a new mode that, in a game where you’re hitting a giant ball with a jumping automobile that has a rocket strapped to it, seems like a totally sensible addition. Rocket League Rumble will be available for free in September for all to enjoy (or become extremely salty over).


Rumble mode features a series of randomized powerups which are outlined on the official website. Two powerups that piqued my interest immediately are the Spike, which allows you to attach the ball to your car with a mere touch, and the Plunger, which lets you drag the ball via plunger and cord. Both of these would grant players more ball control without need of dribbling skills and allow you to drive the ball straight into the goal.


As soon as this game came out I thought to myself, "this game is great but it really needs more plungers." I'm glad the developers thought the same thing.

However, the new game mode isn’t just about ball control. Rumble also features a slew of offense-focused powerups like The Boot, which sends a spring-loaded boot hurtling toward an opponent. You can also send your opponents spinning with a Disruptor, causing them to drive uncontrollably, or a Tornado that will follow your car and draw the ball and any surrounding vehicles into a whirlwind.


No one is safe.

Rumble's implementation makes a lot of sense given the fact that Rocket League’s 2008 predecessor was called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Many players have discussed the possibility of adding weapons to the game, and I’m sure the new mode will add a dimension that myself and other fans have been craving since our first demolition. I look forward to hopping online and punching people’s balls with the Haymaker. It’ll be a dream come true.


Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the ball by a flying car.

Derek Thompson